Pre-Schools & Daycare

All programs are tailored to your grade level and specific needs. The programs presented below are the most requested presentations but please remember that the FrogLady has done thousands of programs throughout her career on hundreds of different nature topics. If you don't see something you want - just ask! The FrogLady can tailor just about any nature topic to fit your group's needs.

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Pre-School & Daycare Program Costs

$300 per program

Meet A Snake

What does a snake feel like? How does it move? What does it eat? Can it see? Hear? Taste? Children will learn all the answers to this hands-on program with the help of Fione, FrogLady's gentle ball python.

Meet A Toad

Does a toad hop or jump? Where does it live? What does it eat? Can it swim? Will it give you warts if you touch it? Students learn it all and make a new warty friend with the help of Marigold, the American toad.

Meet A Lizard

Meet Laverne and Shirley the bearded dragons and find out how lizards look, what they feel like and how they eat. Preschoolers will want to keep these loveable lizards but don't worry, FrogLady would never give them up!

Outstanding Outsides

Why are their so many different kinds of animal body coverings? Fur? Feathers? Scales? What are they for? Children will explore different types of animal outsides using live animals, furs and feathers.

Ears, Eyes and Noses

What do ears, eyes and noses do? Does everyone have the same kind? What do these parts on animals look like? Preschoolers explore their senses through all kinds of interactive fun.

What good is a tail?

Tails are terrific. Animals use them for swimming, flying, even talking! Learn all about tails and the animals that belong to them. We'll end this fun program with a rousing game of Whose Tail Is It?

I love bugs!

Children will get rid of their buggy fears after they meet several up close and find out a little bit more about them. This program starts out with a lot of "Ewwwws" but ends with a chorus of That's so cool!"