Libraries, Forest Preserves & Park Districts

All programs are tailored to your grade level and specific needs. The programs presented below are the most requested presentations but please remember that the FrogLady has done thousands of programs throughout her career on hundreds of different nature topics. If you don't see something you want - just ask! The FrogLady can tailor just about any nature topic to fit your group's needs.

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Libraries, Forest Preserves & Park District Program Costs:

$300 per program

Herpetology (Reptiles & Amphibians)

FrogLady's MOST requested program! Learn the differences and similarities between reptiles and amphibians and meet over 20 live animals that participants will get to touch and meet up close.

Frog Weirdoes

Meet the strangest and coolest group of animals on our planet-the frogs! Participants will even view several fascinating and bizarre live frogs up close and personal, though no touching is allowed.

Totally Terrific Turtles

They live on land, in ponds, rivers and even the ocean. And though there are similarities, this group couldn't be more diverse! Learn all about the terrapenes and meet and touch several live turtles for a program that's sure to leave the audience amazed.

Simply Snakes

Hate snakes? You won't after FrogLady teaches you how wonderful and beneficial these gentle creatures truly are. If you've never touched a live snake before this will also be your chance to see how they really feel. Are they slimy? You'll find out!

Lizard Lovers

You don't already love lizards? You will after you attend this program! Learn all about this diverse group of animals and meet over ten live ones, including Leon, the enormous 17 year-old green iguana.


It's time to get dirty as we learn all about various soil types and the creatures that call dirt their home. Where does dirt come from? Why do we need it to survive? How did dirt make my lunch? Find out! (This program is best set-up outside or in a gym as the classroom rotates through stations. It can also get a little, er, dirty...)

I love bugs!

What makes an insect an insect? And why are spiders different? This program is best during the warmer months so the FrogLady can collect and bring in lots of live examples to view up close. This program can also be broken into separate programs (insects OR spiders).

It's Time to Get Batty!

If there is one thing the FrogLady roots for it's the inhabitants of nature that most people don't like. Learn about the bats of Illinois and around the world. Discover how cool bats really are and why our ecosystem depends on them.

Calling All Owls

WHooooo wants to learn about owls? Participants learn about IL owls and their strange adaptations. We'll listen to owl calls and try some ourselves. For an additional charge we can even dissect owl pellets and see what your owl had for dinner!

Dr. E. Nergy

Meet Dr. E. Nergy, a clumsy scientist that loves to teach kids about physical science through fun science experiments. She will tailor the experiments to the physical sciences your class is studying.

Let's Rock!

Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic? What's the difference? In this hands-on program FrogLady will show the world of rocks to be the fascinating subject it is. Younger grades will hear "Everybody Needs A Rock" and then explore the school grounds for their very own rock.

Animal Signs

Who left that track behind? Was something nibbling on that plant? IS THAT POOP? Become an animal detective as you read the signs animals leave behind in this sometimes gross, yet always intriguing program. If desired, students will be able to make their very own track plaster cast to take home.

Treemendous Trees

They're beautiful, they support a myriad of living things and people couldn't survive without them. Let's discover these grandiose beings and learn why they are so important to animal and human survival. If the location permits, we can even try out our new tree-hugging skills on the school grounds.

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Not me!! And neither will you after you attend this fascinating program on wolves. FrogLady will share her experiences as a wolf nanny at the International Wolf Center and teach you all about this shy, elusive canid.

Oh, the Trickery! (Camouflage and Animal Mimicry)

Is that a bug or a leaf? A chrysalis or scat? A wasp or a fly? Learn how animals hide from predators or trick their prey by hiding themselves or mimicking someone else. We'll use live animals and activities to help us learn these concepts of nature trickery.


What are they? Where did they come from? How old are they? Unearth the mystery of fossils through a variety of exciting hands-on activities and discussions.

Nature Journaling

Master the joy of nature journaling in this fun and creative program. Students make their own journals and then learn to fill it up through different art, writing and nature activities

Pioneer Woman

In this first-person character program students will meet Cissy, an Illinois pioneer from the 1850's. Hear the trials and triumphs of living off the land away from stores, doctors and even her family.

Animal Anatomy "Skulls"

As we take an in-depth look at animal skulls, students will identify how animals are classified through their characteristics. This one is especially great for high school physiology and anatomy classes.

Illinois Mammals

Discover the world of Illinois furbearers through activities, stories and the use of real mammal furs. We will also use mammal skulls to concentrate on animal classification (for example rodents vs. felines).