High Schools, Adult Groups & Seniors

All programs are tailored to your grade level and specific needs. The programs presented below are the most requested presentations but please remember that the FrogLady has done thousands of programs throughout her career on hundreds of different nature topics. If you don't see something you want - just ask! The FrogLady can tailor just about any nature topic to fit your group's needs.

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High Schools, Adult Groups & Seniors Program Costs:

$300 per program (For high schools please refer to school program costs).

Herpetology (Reptiles & Amphibians)

FrogLady's MOST requested program! Learn the differences and similarities between reptiles and amphibians and meet over 20 live animals that participants will get to touch and meet up close.

Animals in War

Join the FrogLady to honor the men, women and animals who protect America's freedom. Learn how animals of all kinds have been used in combat, including German shepherds, horses, pigeons and dolphins. This moving program includes an inspiring and patriotic slideshow and is perfect for VFW's and American Legions.

Animal Fears

A phenomenal program for high school and college psychology classes, this one-of-a-kind program explores the fears we have of animals. You'll learn why we have these fears and why they're never based on fact. FrogLady has given this one-of-a-kind program at NAI (naturalist) conferences and it was the keynote address at a Women in the Outdoors workshop. It's truly fascinating!

Simply Snakes

Hate snakes? You won't after FrogLady teaches you how wonderful and beneficial these gentle creatures truly are. If you've never touched a live snake before this will also be your chance to see how they really feel. Are they slimy? You'll find out!

Lizard Lovers

You don't already love lizards? You will after you attend this program! Learn all about this diverse group of animals and meet over ten live ones, including Leon, the enormous 17 year-old green iguana.

Totally Terrific Turtles

They live on land, in ponds, rivers and even the ocean. And though there are similarities, this group couldn't be more diverse! Learn all about the terrapenes and meet and touch several live turtles for a program that's sure to leave the audience amazed.

Nature Journaling

Master the joy of nature journaling in this fun and creative program. Students make their own journals and then learn to fill it up through different art, writing and nature activities!

Frog Weirdoes

Meet the strangest and coolest group of animals on our planet-the frogs! Participants will even view several fascinating and bizarre live frogs up close and personal, though no touching is allowed.

Homemade Bird Feeders

Make your own birdfeeder to nourish our wild and feathered friends. FrogLady brings all the supplies you need! This program is especially great for nursing homes as participants can hang their creations outside their windows for entertaining bird watching.

Good News in Nature

Are you sick of hearing what's wrong with our environment? Let's take a break from all the problems and find out what's going right! This program will give you hope that humans can make a difference in making things better.

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf?

Not me!! And neither will you after you attend this fascinating program on wolves. FrogLady will share her experiences as a wolf nanny at the International Wolf Center and teach you all about this shy, elusive canid.

It's Time to Get Batty!

If there is one thing the FrogLady roots for it's the inhabitants of nature that most people don't like. Learn about the bats of Illinois and around the world. Discover how cool bats really are and why our ecosystem depends on them.